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Friday, August 29, 2014

Smuggled UFO Footage From Area 51?

In today's UFO sighting news an alleged video of the testing of 3 disc UFO at the Groom Lake Facility in 1989 that is said to have been smuggled out of Area 51 proving grounds.

First I would like to say that we are not sure of the validity of this video but I thought it was interesting enough to post.

The video shows three disc shaped UFOs doing a low altitude flyby in formation at the Groom Lake Facility on February 7, 1989. The video was posted on YouTube by user DarkSkyWathcher74, and explains that he received the video from an anonymous email. The title page at the beginning of the video suggest this was the 3rd stage of disc flight testing and it is also labeled Gravity Propulsion Drive System. The description of the video talks about some kind of theory of Black Holes and instantaneous time travel but you can try and understand what that is all about if you want.

If this is real video from the Area 51 proving grounds it just might be proof of reverse engineering of alien space craft, or at least proof that the US has anti gravity and gravity propulsion capabilities. If this was video was shot 25 years ago, imagine how far technology could have progressed since. Their present capabilities are probably well beyond our imagination.

What do you think about this UFO footage? Has anyone seen footage like this before? Could it be an actual video smuggled out of Area 51?

By: William Miller

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

UFO Sighting In Paxton Pennsylvania: Police Confirm

In the latest UFO sighting news from Pennsylvania a woman reports strange light in the sky over Paxton Township near Harrisburg.

The witness Stephanie Wilkerson was having a glass of wine outside when she spotted the UFO. She told ABC 27 News “I thought it was a plane until I realized it wasn’t moving. I watched it for about 20 minutes and I started noticing it changing colors.”

Wilkerson then called her husband and some neighbors outside to have a look at the UFO. After looking at the UFO through some binoculars and confirming it wasn't a planet they decided to call the police.

The Lower Paxton Police confirmed the UFO sighting when they saw the strange lights were definitely out if the ordinary. ABC 27 interviewed Lt. Gary Seefeldt of the Lower Paxton Township police, who said, “He went there, and apparently he saw them too. So he called his sergeant and his corporal to verify what he was seeing.”

The police called nearby Fort Indiantown Gap Army and National Guard post, and Harrisburg International Airport. Both said they had no aircraft activity in the area at that time.

Seefeldt says, “Our officers saw something that was out of the ordinary for the night sky.”

“All I know is I’m scared,” Wilkerson told reporters
She says, “For me to see that, I am now a believer…in UFOs.”

By: William Miller

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Pilots Left Baffled Over Red Glow In The Pacific Ocean

Strange red lights under the Pacific Ocean just off the coast of the Russian peninsula of Mancha have Dutch pilots baffled.

While flying a Boeing 747-8 from Hong Kong to Anchorage, Alaska a pilot and his copilot witnessed a part red glow under the Pacific Ocean. They first spotted the mysterious orange glowing after witnessing a vertical lightning bolt. They first thought the phenomenon could have been a thunderstorm, but that was ruled out when none were reported in the area.

Dutch pilot JPC van Heijst explained on how five hours into the flight they saw an intense flash of vertical light in the distance followed by a deep red and orange glow 20 minutes later.

The predominant theory at the moment is that the lights were caused by an underwater volcano but we can't rule out underwater alien activity.

You can read a more in depth story with more pictures and maps over at Dailymail.

By: William Miller

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