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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Several UFO Sighting Reports from North Carolina

Two videos of Zig Zagging UFO are reported on October 17, 2014, in the latest UFO sighting news from North Carolina.

These two videos of UFO were captured on the same evening in North Carolina. The first video was shot in Fayetteville and shows several bright objects in the sky that appear to be zig zagging and ascending and descending while shooting a sparkly trail behind them.

"On occasion a dark object could almost be seen above the glowing objects." The witness says in the statement.

Click here to see the first video

The second video is from a further distance and shows what appears to be that same objects from the first video except you cannot see the sparkly trails behind them. This report does not give its exact location only that it was shot in North Carolina and we are assuming that they are reports from the same event.

Click here to see the second video

These UFO sightings were reported to the MUFON reporting site as case #60698 & #60690.

By: William Miller

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Friday, October 17, 2014

UFO Passing Over Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

A large metallic UFO is captured in photos above the beautiful city of Pittsburgh in the latest UFO sighting news from Pennsylvania.

This UFO was captured in some photos when the witness was practicing taking some shots with his new camera in the morning hours of October 9, 2014. The witness took this series of photos about 50 feet apart and did not see the object when the pictures were taken.

Witness statement:

"Unknown object photographed in early morning. i was testing a new camera and took a series of pictures from 2 different locations about 50 feet apart. i did not notice the object when i took the pictures. the object is oddly shaped, appears metallic and reflected light. i thought it was possibly a drone but the shape doesn't lend itself entirely to that. the object seemed to move from high to low then high again. it appeared to be over the city although the distance is difficult to assess."

This UFO sighting was reported to the MUFON reporting site as case #60646.

By: William Miller

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Metallic Sphere UFO Hovering Over California (Video)

A California resident was surprised to see this metallic sphere UFO hovering over the houses in the neighborhood on September 10, 2014. The sphere hovered long enough for the witness to grab his tripod and take video of the UFO.

The strange object reminds me of the Russian satellite “Sputnik” that was launched in 1957.

Witness Statement:

"Coming home about 6:55 pm when I pulled into my driveway. Above and beyond my neighbors home I noticed a bright orb hovering. It reflected the sunset orange, and that is why I noticed it; besides it was a completely clear blue sky. I thought it could be a balloon or some sort of odd looking helicopter, but it didn’t have any rotors. It appeared to have rods or antenna coming out of it.

I went to my backyard to get a better view. I appeared to be less than a mile away over residences. I got my camera about 5 min later and set up my tripod. I took a few photos.

Then got my video camera and began to shoot video too for about 20 min. Over the approx 45 Minute that I watched it, there was some wavering like it was being affected by air movement. At times it would descend behind a large tree, then reappear slowly as it came out from behind the tree.

The object remained relatively stable then started to slowly drift away to the SW until I couldn’t see it anymore because it was too dark. I was intrigued by it. My photos showed that it indeed had 3 rods coming from it."

Although the witness claimed that there was video of this Sputnik look a like when this UFO sighting was first reported there was no sign of it anywhere. Suddenly a few days ago the witness produced this great video of what he saw that day. He claimed it took home 2 weeks to figure out how to get the video to his computer.

The witness released the video with this statement:

"This is the raw footage lasting about 12 min. Its what I saw, take it or leave it. The sounds are from my camera. It is a digital tape vintage 2002. Also the sound of the zoom motor on the lens. It also took me about 2 weeks to figure out how to get the video from my camera to my computer. I'm not that swift with this stuff. It drifted off to the west and into the dark of the evening. I should have switched to night view on the camera and taken it off of auto focus in hindsight..."

By: William Miller

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