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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Clear And Focused UFO Sighting In Brazil

Man takes clear and focused video of disc shaped UFO along side of a highway in Brazil May 2013.

UFO sighting in Brazil May 2013

This is another UFO sighting that I don't understand why this man just stops filming. You have a great view of the UFO, no obstructions, and you got a clear focused recording device on it, so why stop filming.

Sure he is along side of a busy highway and maybe he was on his way to work or he had somewhere very important to go, but there is absolutely no way I would move from that spot until the UFO zipped off out if sight.

Ok so now that I got my little rant out of the way lets talk a little about the UFO. The silver object has your classic Saturn UFO shape to it with the flat disc and a dome on top and bottom. The UFO just seems to hover there along the highway just above the tree tops.

Have a look at this UFO sighting video.

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