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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

RC Group Plans UFO Hoax

A Group of RC enthusiasts plan a April Fools Day UFO hoax.

This group of RC enthusiasts seem to have a secret plan to create an apocalyptic UFO doomsday hoax on April Fools Day. I not sure how long this big secret can be kept seeing that the entire plan is posted on their public forum.

The group plans on getting as many people as than can to rig their flying RC quadracopters
(or anything else they can get in the air) with lights and release them to the skies on April 1st at 8 pm. The preferred color is blue but they say any color will do. The plan is to get them in the air while it is dark but early enough that people are still out and about.

"As I write this post the forum that's hosting this hoax now requires a login"

As I read the plans on the forum earlier today it also included a link to a Google spreadsheet document that listed all the willing participants that signed up for the hoax. I wanted to post the link to the doc but am unable to get back to it due to the fact it now requires a login.

I was however able to retrieve some information that was in that doc:

Already signed up for 8PM flights are tricopters, quadcopters and RC planes in the U.S. – Arizona, California, New York, Massachutsetts, Washington/Oregon, Indiana and Ohio – South Africa, Netherlands, Australia-NSW, Paris, France and Cheshire, U.K.

If your wondering how this hoax might fair with media attention, there is a story I would like to share which might shed some light how the hoax might unfold.

In a Tumbler post from user he tells the story of his own experiment or UFO hoax he played with the local media in his hometown. MrGyro is an expert in Aerial photography & cinematography using various FPV platforms for entertainment & fun. He rigged up one of his tricopters up with some lights, waited for dark and took a few photos as it hovered in he air.

Then they tweeted one of the pictures to a local news group that took the bait and ran with it. They also set up a false email address and sent pictures to other news sources. They also took the bait without asking many questions. Soon several newspapers where printing far fetched articles about the alleged UFO. There is much more to that story and you can read that interesting story in its entirety HERE.

But you can see how this can get out if hand.

Although this might be an interesting experiment to see how much media attention this hoax will get, (and I am sure it may get a lot of exposer) this will make it harder for people that are serious about getting to the bottom of the UFO phenomena. The following months will be filled with fake UFO reports and videos streaming across the Internet like wildfire.

I debated even making this post but thought the more people that read this the less damage this UFO hoax could do.

Maybe if everyone shared this information it may even deem their plan worthless. So please spread this post

By: William Miller

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